Shipping by sea

RME’s location allows to ship RS-90 by sea in any sea port. RS90 is prepared to be placed in 20” containers and moving by sea.

The port of Saint-Petersburg is the European gateway, the most important transport link between Russia and Africa, Europe, USA, Canada and e.t.c.

The port of Vladivostok is for the Asia-Pacific region, and the link between South Korea, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and e.t.c.

Delivery by air

We understand when the drill rig shuts down, you need extremely urgent spare parts.

That is why we have the rule:

  • All spare parts must be delivered by air as soon as possible!
  • We just need only 3 days to do export declaration and load the spare parts onboard!
  • So that, you can expect to get available spare parts from Russia within 5 days.
  • We ship the cargo on CPT terms (Incoterms 2020).

Shipping cost calculator

All prices are recommended, more accurate freight rate is to be calculated after packaging.

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